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Dontari Poe Could Start For Chiefs Against Green Bay Packers

Dontari Poe is likely to face a long year in his rookie season. It's simply the nature of learning the defensive tackle position as a rookie in the NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs are going to make certain that Poe will have the chance to take it all in as they figure out how to handle Poe and the steep learning curve.

Head coach Romeo Crennel said that Poe might get the chance to start against Green Bay in the preseason finale when the Chiefs face the Packers. With Anthony Toribio likely out due to injury, Crennel said he liked Poe's ability to learn in a place like Lambeau.

"Probably Dontari might get the chance to start because it's Green Bay," said Crennel when asked who would start in Toribio's place. "What they represent is Title Town, they're the Packers, and to play in that environment, I think will be good for anybody, but particularly for a rookie."

Crennel said the Chiefs first round choice is coming along at an expected pace with both signs of life and rookie mistakes.

"He's making progress, but he's still that rookie that reverts back to what he knows at times and he forgets how to remember how we want to do it," said Crennel. "I know there was one play in the game, he was in good position on the block, and then he ended up jumping off the block. He thought that he could make the play, and that opened up a hole. You have to point those out to him and get him to correct it. He's a conscientious student, so I think that he will get it corrected."

He'll get a great chance to learn against the Packers this weekend.

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