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Everybody Panic! It's Preseason With The Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs lost a preseason game, which inevitably means widespread panic in the heartland.

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44-14. It's officially time to panic if you're a Kansas City Chiefs fan. That's what history tells us the pattern has always been. Have hope, lose a game, and lose all hope with it.

Never mind the fact this team has more talent than any since the days of Len Dawson, Otis Taylor and Willie Lanier. Please, rational thinking is something reserved for people in cities like Pittsburgh, Green Bay and New England where the fans are used to greatness on a yearly basis.

Why stop and realize that the Chiefs were blown out in a meaningless preseason game? That's no fun, it's much more exciting to think the team might completely implode by the end of September.

Just ask Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star, he'll tell you exactly how you should be feeling. Thanks for the confidence booster Kent!

It's incredible the swing of emotions in the span of two weeks. The fan base went from expecting a Super Bowl after beating the Arizona Cardinals (in another meaningless preseason affair) to praying that maybe, just maybe, the Chiefs can win once and avoid being grouped in the same sentence as the 2008 Detroit Lions.

Now I'm not suggesting that every Kansas City fan has this opinion. Surely there are plenty of Chiefs supporters who have taken the level-headed approach and believe the team will correct its errors and move forward. However, many are in need of a hotline after watching Russell Wilson go up and down the field against the men in red.

If you really want a legitimate reason to panic, go take a look at some old footage featuring Chiefs legends such as Eric Warfield, Tyler Palko and Todd Blackledge. Even if they're in the past, it will evoke feelings of terror from even the calmest fan.

The best part about all the fanatics that are panicking this week? They'll be leading the charge toward New Orleans if Kansas City knocks off the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night. The fact that the starters won't play more than a few series will mean nothing. A win is a win isn't it? Of course it is.

So the guy who's standing at the water cooler right now who looks like he's in need of serious and immediate medical attention? He'll be the same character who's going to seem like he ate an entire bag of candy come Friday if the Chiefs win on a Hail Mary thrown by Alex Tanney later this week.

It's the preseason. A time when the games don't count and the coaches don't care about wins.

What better time to lose complete control?

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