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Kansas City Chiefs Roster 2012: Next Cut To Be More Eventful

The next round of cuts to the Kansas City Chiefs should be more compelling, as the team decides on its 53-man roster.

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The final week of the NFL preseason is probably the most analytic of them all because it's right before the 53-man roster cut and could be the difference between a player having a job or not, or a team feeling a certain level of confidence at certain positions.

Chiefs fans are looking to see what surprise cuts they will see on Friday. Here's Joel Thorman from Arrowhead Pride:

The next round of cuts will be more eventful. By Friday night, teams needs to be down to 53 players, which means each team will be cutting 22 players in the next five days. Those are the cuts to watch out for because the players are generally better than this first round of cuts.

We're also waiting for the first big surprise cut for the Chiefs. There's always one of those.

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