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NFL Hall Of Fame Weekend: Dick Vermeil Says Willie Roaf Could 'Dominate An All-Pro'

The NFL Hall of Fame is adding one of the greatest offensive linemen of all-time this weekend with the induction of former NFL great Willie Roaf, and that means that quotes will be flying around as various coaches and players remember their peers fondly. Dick Vermeil is the latest and the former Kansas City Chiefs head coach had some strong praise for Roaf.

"I've never been around a lineman that could physically dominate another good NFL defensive lineman or linebacker in the league," Vermeil said. "He could dominate an All-Pro, reducing him to the level of an average player. His explosive moves out of his stance have never been equaled by anyone. His ability to get out into the perimeter with speed and grace and then block a moving target in space was spectacular."

Roaf played several Pro Bowl years with the New Orleans Saints before an injury caused the team to change their stance on him. KC then reaped the benefits of another four Pro Bowl seasons.

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