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VIDEO: Former Chief Willie Roaf Is In, But Who Got Snubbed By The Pro Football Hall Of Fame?

The team over at SB Nation's mothership has a scathing review of the Pro Football Hall Of Fame's makeup and selection process. The Hall is set to induct its 2012 class this month, with a bit of star power lacking. None of the 2012 inductees won a Super Bowl, while names like Cris Carter and Bill Parcells are still out of Canton. Take a look:

Among the class of players that weren't overlooked is former Chief and Saint (not exactly a title winning career path, eh?) WIllie Roaf, who was considered an ideal left tackle for the modern game. Roaf went to 11 Pro Bowls and was a seven time All-Pro selection. While the merits of any offensive lineman seem to be ignored until their absence is apparent, Roaf's inclusion over any other player - especially a prolific receiver like Carter - isn't a fair comparison. The system might need some work, but Roaf's as deserving as any other candidate.

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