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NFL, NFLPA Agree On New Trade Deadline And IR Rule

The NFL and the NFLPA agreed to push back the trade deadline and on a new injured reserve rule Thursday.


The NFL and the NFL Players Association agreed to move the trade deadline back two weeks on Thursday. The two sides also agreed on a new injured reserve rule that permits each team to bring back one player off the IR list each year. ESPN's Adam Schefter had the news on Twitter.

The two sides have been negotiating these issues for months now. Moving the trade deadline from Week 6 to the Tuesday after Week 8 might lead to more deadline gambles in a league that rarely sees in-season blockbusters, as front offices will have more time to analyze their team's playoff hopes.

The former injured reserve rule did not allow a player placed on that list to return during the same season. Teams now can bring back one player off the IR each season, if that player is put on the list after Sept. 4.

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