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Chiefs Vs. Packers Reaction: Kansas City Provided Glimpse At Running Emphasis

During Week 3 of the preseason, Matt Cassel threw 34 passes before Brady Quinn came in to throw an additional 10 passes. Those 44 passes far out-numbered the 25 rushing attempts by the Chiefs and left fans confused about the offense of a team that typically is dependent on the run.

In Week 4 things appeared to be back to normal, according to Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride:

Against the Packers on Thursday, KC's offense looked a lot more familiar -- run, run, run. In fact, the Chiefs ran the ball 10 consecutive times to start the game. Four running backs were used in that span -- Peyton Hillis, Jamaal Charles, Shaun Draughn and Nate Eachus (Eachus' first first-team snaps). Matt Cassel threw one pass to Dwayne Bowe and then left the game. The Chiefs then went back to rushing the ball.

By the end of the game, the Chiefs had racked up 21 passing attempts, while running back Nate Eachus finished the game with 21 rushing attempts. Add in another 23 rushing attempts combined between five other running backs and it was clear that Kansas City hoped to place their emphasis back on the ground game.

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