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Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp: Arizona Cardinals Will Join Chiefs For Practice On Tuesday

After beating up on each other for practice since training camp opened at Missouri Western State University, the Kansas City Chiefs will have some new faces to get to know on Tuesday as the Arizona Cardinals will take their talents to St. Joseph, Missouri for a few days.

Regardless of there being new faces in new places, Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel is stressing that there will still be "a regular script" to the practice session.

"They're going against a different person, a different player that they really don't know. As you work against your own teammates, you get to know the strong points, the weak points, what they like to do. When you've got a completely different guy you're going against, it's good for us to get that evaluation to see how our players will be able to react against their players.'' Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel

The Chiefs and the Cardinals will hold a joint practice session on Tuesday, then the two teams will host separate practices on Wednesday. These sessions will serve as a precursor to their upcoming clash on Friday night at Arrowhead Stadium as the two teams will kick off their preseason schedule with an actual game.

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