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NFL Preseason Begins: Saints Defeat Cardinals In First Football Game Of 2012

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs and the rest of the NFL were likely glued to the television at least for the first few minutes of last night's game between the New Orleans Saints and the Arizona Cardinals. After all, it was the annual NFL Hall of Fame Game and that means that a real game between two real teams took place -- breaking the long drought of the offseason and signalling that the NFL is back again. In the end, the Saints won 17-10.

A reprieve has already been given to fans and media with the introduction of training camp, but now it's clear that the preseason is underway, roster spots will be won and lost, injuries will take their toll and a glimmer of what's to come can be found even in the first game of the year.

Drew Brees took care of that much with a beautiful opening drive that showed the Saints might be just fine after all after an offseason the team is ready to move on from. While the drama of the bounty scandal has yet to be fully played out, a win tends to cure a lot of ills in the NFL, so expect a good vibe in NoLa if the Saints $100 million quarterback can put a few wins under the team's belt early on.

For any Chiefs fans who watched the Cardinals last night, you'll also see them up close and personal on Tuesday this week as they come to St. Joseph to practice with the Chiefs at training camp. An injury in the game to Kevin Kolb in the first quarter might keep him from practicing against the Chiefs, but he's not expected to be out for long. Kolb is competing with John Skelton for the starting quarterback job in Arizona.