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Romeo Crennel Says Not To Look Too Closely At Chiefs Depth Charts

The NFL preseason is made for experimentation. Players will line up at new spots. Guys will get looks and reps that won't correspond to the regular season. Coaches and front office personnel must get an up close look at things they cannot afford to during the actual schedule, so it's a bit ridiculous for sports media and fans to run away with assumptions based on observations in camp.

That's the message that Romeo Crennel tried to get across today as he addressed reporters on the morning after the Chiefs first depth chart of the 2012 season came out.

"I didn't even want to put a depth chart out, but they told me I had to," said Crennel. "I don't think you can read a whole lot into the depth chart because we're still evaluating and looking at players.

What the depth chart is this week; chances are it'll be different next week. You can't look at everybody at the same time, so you have to have an order that you look at them, and that's the order that it came out for this week. That's where we are and I will open it up."

Crennel took further questions on the topic, but the general idea was made clear -- that the Chiefs are looking at several guys in several positions to see what they can do. Whether it's starting Jalil Brown across from Brandon Flowers or using several guys at the return spots on special teams, the Chiefs have four weeks to figure out what they're made of before playing their first game at Atlanta.

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