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Video: Chiefs' Shaun Draughn Fights Falcons' Christopher Owens

The Kansas City Chiefs were struggling and as the game against the Atlanta Falcons moved along, it's understandable that tempers were fragile. The Falcons would end up drubbed the Chiefs 40-24 but not before some of those tempers flared.

The Chiefs' Shaun Draughn got into it with Atlanta's Christopher Owens with less than 11 minutes to go in the fourth quarter. With a 40-17 lead, a kickoff return that had already been blown dead somehow escalated quickly into a fight. Punches were thrown between Draughn and Owens, but as quickly as it had begun, the fight was over.

Draughn had six carries for 29 yards and a touchdown on Sunday. Owens recorded a tackle.

Click here to view video of the fight.

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