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Chiefs Should Expect Bills' C.J. Spiller To Emerge

When the Buffalo Bills saw Fred Jackson go down with injury in the first quarter of their loss to the New York Jets, it looked like a disaster -- Jackson was their best offensive player in 2011 and was poised to have another big year in 2012. His injury might have actually helped the Bills though, since their former first round draft pick C.J. Spiller took over the running duties and responded with the best game of his young career.

In fact, that may have spurred the chance for Spiller to take over Buffalo's running game for good, as written by James Walker of ESPN's AFC East blog:

Spiller has the potential to take over Buffalo's starting tailback job for good. Jackson has surpassed the infamous age of 30 for running backs, and now he's injury prone. Spiller is in his prime.

The Kansas City Chiefs will have to deal with Spiller and keep him from running rampant all over their defense if they are going to beat the Bills on Sunday. They did a fairly good job of holding down the run against the Falcons during their Week 1 loss, allowing only 84 yards on the ground. They should be wary though, Spiller is far more of a home run threat than Michael Turner.

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