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Buffalo Bills Face 'Must-Win Situation' Against Chiefs

The Buffalo Bills, the Kansas City Chiefs' opponent in Week 2, may have been the only team in the NFL who had a worst Week 1 than the Chiefs.

After a blockbuster spending spree that brought in Mario Williams in free agency, the Bills were expecting to contend for a playoff spot in 2012. Instead, they opened the season with a 48-28 drubbing at the hands of the New York Jets, who hadn't exactly lit the world on fire during the preseason.

According to Don Banks of, that loss has put Buffalo on notice:

No one in the league will be under more pressure to win in Week 2 than the Bills, whose deflating performance against the Jets might as well have been the proverbial balloon flying around backwards as it furiously loses air. Buffalo plays host to Kansas City in its home opener, and it's already must-win time for Chan Gailey and his players.

At the same time, you could say many of the same things about Kansas City. Misery may love company, but probably not in the NFL.

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