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Tamba Hali Is Glad To Be Back From Suspension

Aftter getting pushed around Week 1 at home by the Atlanta Falcons in a 40-24 loss, the Kansas City Chiefs' defense will certainly be glad to have outside linebacker Tamba Hali back for Sunday's Week 2 road matchup with the Buffalo Bills.

Hali is returning from a one-game suspension for a violoation of the NFL's substance-abuse policy. He made it a point to apologize to the team and the owners Wednesday:

"I just want to apologize to the league and the Hunt family. This is not the type of light that they want the organization to be in and I'm truly sorry for the embarrassment. I want to move forward and get better as a team and as an individual."

He knows he's coming back at a time when the defense really needs him:

"I think as a whole we need to continue to work and get better. Every guy has to do their job. We'll continue to study film and study our opponents...we just need to be on top of our game."

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