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Kansas City Chiefs Need Leadership Right Now

If one thing is apparent after the Chiefs embarrassing loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday it's that this team is in desperate need of leadership right now. Whether or not there has been anyone up until this point that has taken over that role, it's going to be painfully obvious that there's a locker room full of guys that aren't ready for that role if things don't get better quickly.

Any high school football coach in the country will always tell you that character is defined by how you go about your business when things aren't going well. It's something that is preached to athletes at a very early age. Well, it's safe to say that we're at that point with the Chiefs team in 2012.

It shouldn't be that hard for these players to notice a similar situation to what they're dealing with right now. It happened last year at the beginning of the season when the team started with two blowout losses to the Bills and Lions, but at least last year fans could convince themselves that it had something to do with the injuries to Tony Moeaki, Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles. There aren't those excuses after Sunday's loss.

It will be interesting to see how the team approaches the media and questions about their season thus far leading up to the game next week against the New Orleans Saints.

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