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Bills' Chan Gailey Discusses Game Plan Against Chiefs

Part of the reason that the Buffalo Bills were able to so soundly take down the Kansas City Chiefs was a well crafted game plan by Bills head coach Chan Gailey. After a bad game by Ryan Fitzpatrick in Week 1, he had his team run the ball early and often against Kansas City, allowing C.J. Spiller to star in the offense for the second straight week in a row.

Taking after the game, he said that he was very much into getting the run against a Chiefs defense that he thought would crack under the pressure.

That was a plan for this week. May not be next week but this was the plan this week. They were playing a defense that allowed us to have pretty good matchups in the run game out of certain personnel groups. We wanted to go take advantage of it, so that is what we did. I thought our guys were pretty physical coming off the football and we were able to establish the run game extremely well early in the ball game.

After getting torched by the New York Jets in Week 1, Gailey said that the physical play of the cornerbacks against the KC wide receivers was also by design.

"Yes. That was by design. We wanted to be more physical out there on the edges. Play tighter coverage. We gave up one or two but they were much more physical on the outside and they took it to heart."

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