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Romeo Crennel Insists On Remaining As Chiefs' Head Coach And Defensive Coordinator

After two blowout losses to start the 2012 NFL season, it's good to know that the Kansas City Chiefs plan on keeping things the same. The announcement today from Arrowhead Stadium that head coach Romeo Crennel is going to serve in dual roles as the defensive coordinator as well will likely go over like a lead balloon in a town ready for heads to roll.

Articles excoriating the team's front office and coaching staff have been printed all over today as the team reeled from yet another frustrating loss at the hands of the Buffalo Bills. Chan Gailey's team whipped them on all fronts, the same description that could have been used to describe the previous week's shellacking at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons.

It's been a miserable season thus far, so it was assumed that perhaps this was the sort of loss to inspire change. Alas, the Chiefs are not panicking. In fact, they're not even reacting. The song will play on in week three with the same set-up against the New Orleans Saints.

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