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2012 NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs Continue Tumble

The Chiefs fell to the bottom five of SB Nation's power rankings provided by Joel Thorman following another bad loss in Week 2.

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In the latest SB Nation power rankings provided by Joel Thorman, the Chiefs continued their fall towards the bottom of the list after back-to-back defeats to start off the season. While neither of their losses to the Falcons or the Bills were very close ones, Thorman tries to be optimistic in his analysis of their placement, albeit in a sarcastic way.

28. Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 25, 0-2): Last year the Chiefs in Week 1 and 2 were beat by a combined score of 89-10. This year that total is only 75-41. Hooray for progress!

The Chiefs next travel to face the similarly winless New Orleans Saints in Week 3, but that is far from an easy game for the Chiefs as Thorman ranked the Saints as the top team with an 0-2 ranking. Despite losses to both the Redskins and Panthers, the Saints earned the No. 14 spot in the rankings, ahead of many teams with wins, including the 2-0 Cardinals.

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