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Chiefs Prep For Saints, Superdome With Loud Music At Arrowhead

Away games can be tough and away games in domes can be even worse. So to prepare for their trip to the Superdome in New Orleans, the Chiefs spent practice Thursday with music blaring.

"I think that was to get it as loud as possible because we couldn't hear Matt [Cassel], which is good because I've played in the Superdome many times and you can't hear anybody in there," Chiefs offensive tackle Eric Winston told "We need to have as much crowd noise and as much confusion out there as possible because that's the road in the NFL."

"The Superdome is probably one of the hardest places to get a win on the road because of that, because of the noise, because of the craziness, the songs, the dancing that's going on," Winston said. "Everything that's great about New Orleans also makes it tough for us to play in there, so I'm happy about it. I want practice to be crazy and as cluttered as possible because there's going to be some points in the game where it might be like that and we're going to have to right the ship and get a five-yard gain and get back on track."

The Chiefs and Saints are both winless heading into their Week 3 battle.

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