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NFL Picks, Week 3: Chiefs Picked To Fall In Shootout With Saints

The Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints are both 0-2 heading into their clash at the Superdome, but barring the rare tie, one of them is getting on the smiling side of the scoreboard this week. Peter King thinks it will be the Saints who do it, edging the Chiefs 31-27 because of their edge at quarterback, but he warns of the possibility of Kansas City exposing a weak New Orleans defense.

It's possible the Chiefs could put up 40. But I think the Saints' strategy will be to play ball-possession, and I can't see Drew Brees losing that kind of game against Matt Cassel.

Brees over Cassel is an easy and pretty smart pick, but it is hard to believe in that Saints defense. As King notes, New Orleans is allowing opposing quarterbacks to complete 72% of passes for 17.4 yards per catch. Even Cassel can pick apart that kind of pass defense so the Chiefs have a chance and then some.

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