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Chiefs Vs. Saints: Replacement Refs Make Presence Felt In Game

It's been a comedy of errors through the first three weeks for the replacement referees in the NFL. They once again made some questionable moves during the Kansas City Chiefs' win over the New Orleans Saints. In all, five plays ended up being overturned after replay, and a few of them were questioned after the fact.

Neither team ended up being much better or worse because of the decisions, with the seemingly bad calls going both ways, but coming very often. This particular referee that was doing the game had already shown some bad signs during an earlier preseason game:

The replacement referee for the Saints-Kansas City game, Don King, was involved in a much-publicized bout of confusion in which it took him three attempts to correctly call a two-penalty play in the final preseason game between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. Fans and sportswriters alike pointed to the incident as an ominous sign for the regular season.

There had been no movement between the NFL and the referee's union recently, so the replacement refs can be expected for a few more weeks to come at least.

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