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Eric Winston: Chiefs Needed To Get A 'W'

The Kansas City Chiefs needed a win. Just ask Eric Winston. The team's right tackle changed teams this offseason after being released by the Houston Texans, a team on the rise and currently sitting at 3-0. So the tackle knows the feeling of being down 0-2 with the Chiefs and wishing his franchise was in a different position.

The Chiefs took down the New Orleans Saints on the road and now the franchise seems energized. After being down 24-6 at one point in the game, the Chiefs came back to tie and then win in overtime. It's the sort of momentum-changing event that can define a season early on.

"Obviously we needed to get a 'W'," said Winston. "We needed to find a way to get a win and we got it. And now we're playing for first place. That's how much fun this league is and with the division games, obviously they're so important. If you win those you're probably going to make the playoffs. It's exciting. Obviously, San Diego is a tough team, they've been playing well already this year and we've got to find a way to get another ‘W' again this week."

The Chiefs can play for first place -- or at least a share of it this week -- against the Chargers and it will be important to come back home and make a statement. With a win, the Chiefs are even and rising with two solid victories. If not, they're back to 1-3 and forced to face the Ravens in week five.

Well I think any time you have a win, especially like that, in a hostile place against a good team with a lot of talent, just in the way we did it, I think you should have a lot of confidence and I think it should show what this team can do," said Winston. "Now it's a matter of carrying this team forward."

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