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NFL power rankings 2012: Kansas City Chiefs move up in Week 4

The Kansas City Chiefs enjoy a bump up in NFL power rankings following their upset over the New Orleans Saints.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs are moving up in the power rankings after Sunday's upset of the New Orleans Saints. That leaves them with a 1-2 record, but with the defense showing it has some teeth and Jamaal Charles rushing for 233 yards, Kansas City is showing that they're an opponent teams have to take seriously. They still have a great deal to prove, though, something reflected in their placement in power rankings.

SB Nation's own Joel Thorman has released his power rankings, and he places the Chiefs 25th, up from 28th the previous week. He also points out that beating the Saints doesn't look like the accomplishment many might have expected at the beginning of the season. The Chiefs move up to No. 26 in the power rankings, also up from No. 28. And in their best showing. Yahoo! Sports' MJD has the Cheifs ranked 23rd.

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