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NFL power rankings: Chiefs rise to No. 23 in CBS poll

Despite being bottom of the barrel after Week 2's loss to the Buffalo Bills, the Kansas City Chiefs impressed some people with their comeback victory over the New Orleans Saints in Week 3. They've gotten a bump in the various power rankings posts around the NFL as well, moving from the bottom five of most rankings to somewhere in the mid-20's.

CBS' latest NFL power rankings have the Chiefs at No. 23 overall, owing partially to their big win over the Saints and partially to the fact that their division isn't exactly the most impressive in football:

We were burying them last week. Now they can tie for the division lead if they beat the Chargers at home this week. It's funny how things change quickly.

Kansas City is still ranked last in the AFC West in the rankings, with the Raiders and Broncos back to back only three spots up. San Diego, KC's opponent on Sunday, is the highest ranked in the West at No. 13.