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Rodney Hudson out for season with broken bone in his leg

With the word that Rodney Hudson is out for the season as the Chiefs starting center, the Kansas City front office immediately made moves to bolster the position. Early word did not clarify, however, just what kept Hudson from returning this year. It's clear now that the former Florida State lineman suffered a broken bone -- an injury that will take significant time to heal.

"There's a broken bone, but it doesn't require surgery and he's got to be off of it for several weeks and then several weeks on crutches, so it's going to be most of the season," said head coach Romeo Crennel from practice on Wednesday. "It's going to be most of the season, so that's why he's not going to be able to come back."

Hudson was appointed the Chiefs new starter after not signing Casey Wiegmann this offseason. The Chiefs signed veterans Bryan Mattison and Russ Hochstein to bolster the interior line.