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NFL power rankings: Chiefs remain near bottom of ESPN's poll

The Kansas City Chiefs got an important first win last Sunday when facing the New Orleans, a preseason favorite for an instant loss when analyzing the Chiefs schedule. However the Saints have showed that they aren't the powerhouse franchise everyone believed they would be, and the Chiefs were getting crushed in that game 24 to 6 before rallying back to tie and then win the game in overtime.

It's not surprising then that they haven't quite made a believer out of everyone. The Chiefs are still 1-2 and face the Chargers this weekend at Arrowhead. It's a game that could place them at .500 and tied for first place in the AFC West or it could spiral them to another crushing defeat. The outcome of this game is substantial.

ESPN recently released their power rankings and had the Chiefs at No. 25 overall with the quick summation of, "The Chiefs got a clutch win over New Orleans with a huge game from Jamaal Charles and the defense. But what about QB Matt Cassel?"

A win this weekend should get them into No. 15-17 range which would be a huge leap. The team still has to make a believer out of many but a victory on Sunday would be a great step.