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Chiefs' offensive line proud to block for Jamaal Charles

Jamaal Charles' monster game against the New Orleans Saints in Week 3 prompted a lot of praise across NFL circles, but few will likely have better things to say about the running back than his offensive linemen.

Charles rushed for 233 yards in leading the Kansas City Chiefs to the road victory over the Saints. His teammates praised his performance this week in comments provided by the team.

"It's a great feeling right now," offensive lineman Jon Asamoah said. "You see Jamaal have the success he did and winning the game, it was amazing. To be able to shuffle the way we did during the game and still stay consistent just shows how close of a group we are."

Ryan Lilja said the game was the pick-me-up the offensive line needed.

"We wanted to win," Lilja said. "I think we all wanted to win badly, we needed a win and we had such a bad taste in our mouths that guys were just fighting. It was all sides of the ball and it was fun to be a part of. There's not a lot of quit in these guys and you saw that the other day. Coming off two games where we got our teeth kicked in - one at home - it's a tough pill to swallow, so guys were ready to play."