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Dwayne Bowe limited, Peyton Hillis out for Chiefs Thursday practice

The Chiefs have several players dealing with various injuries for Thursday's practice session at Arrowhead as they prep for the Chargers.

Stacy Revere - Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs are hurting in numerous ways after a horrific start to the season marked by blowout losses and now season-ending injuries to Rodney Hudson and Jacques Reeves. But those are only a couple of the players who are out for the Chiefs from today's practice as the team tries to prep for the upcoming Chargers game on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.

Familiar names are on the list, but offensive star Dwayne Bowe has been added as he deals with a thigh injury that will limit him on Thursday. Romeo Crennel opened up his comments today about Bowe's condition.

"Dwayne Bowe will be limited today because of his thigh," Crennel said. "He came out and he tried it yesterday and then after practice he complained about some soreness, so we're going to rest him today a little bit. So we'll put him through individuals and see what that looks like and kind of go from there."

As for the other players, Crennel gave a full rundown in his introductory remarks:

"On the injury situation, [Kevin] Boss is not practicing today, [Peyton] Hillis will not practice. Limited - Kendrick Lewis is limited, but he's running around a little bit so we'll see how he does today. Same thing with [Dexter] McCluster. He's going to have to get a brace for his elbow and see how that works out.

"[Devon] Wylie is limited, he's doing a little bit. {Steve] Breaston didn't practice yesterday, his knees were sore, he tried to but didn't feel good about it so then we put him on the bike. So he's going to try again today to see what he can get done. [Anthony] Toribio is still limited but he is getting some work done and making some progress. Jake O'Connell is limited and he's making progress.

"Ryan Lilja, he's limited. He did a little bit yesterday, he'll do a little bit today and then we'll see if we can get these guys to the game on Sunday and kind of go from there."

Bowe had 7 catches for 79 yards in the Chiefs win against the Saints last Sunday.