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NFL predictions, Week 4: USA Today experts split between Chiefs-Chargers

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The Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers will play at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday afternoon, and it's clear that most NFL experts believe the Chargers will win. However the experts at USA Today are not so certain and have their panel of six analysts split evenly between the six of them.

It's an interesting sign that the Chiefs could be on the verge of some positive recognition. The Chiefs, after all, were a solid choice for playoff darkhorse before the season began. However early harsh losses to the Atlanta Falcons and Buffalo Bills not only knocked out the momentum from the Chiefs early season hopes but it also ruined their reputation early with those who were on the bandwagon.

A turnaround moment did appear in week three against the New Orleans Saints, however. The Chiefs rallied back from a late 24-6 deficit to take the win on the road over Drew Brees and the Saints. The offense started moving. The defense held on. It was a nice team win for a franchise in need of it.

The Saints, however, still don't have their first win of the season and so it's hard to tell whether that win should mean much in the eyes of experts. If the Chiefs can even their record today against the Chargers and take a slice of first place in the AFC West, expect the Chiefs to continue to rise again in NFL predictions columns.