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NFL Predictions Week 1: Falcons Favored Over Chiefs By Pro Football Talk

As the Kansas City Chiefs' season opener against the Atlanta Falcons approaches this Sunday, many predictions will start rolling in. One such prediction, from Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, has been recorded, and it isn't favorable to the Chiefs.

Florio says the Falcons have "too much firepower," even enough to overcome the alcohol-fueled fans of Arrowhead, and will win 28-24. Whether or not his comment on Chiefs fans is a compliment or a jab is up to you. As for the game, his prediction is similar to the current betting odds, most of which have the Falcons as a three-point favorite.

Recent history is of little help on the matter, as the Chiefs have not played the Falcons in the regular season since 2008. That matchup was Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan's third career game and resulted in a 38-14 loss for Kansas City. If you put stock in the preseason, the Chiefs went 1-3. After winning their first preseason game against Arizona, the Chiefs dropped the next three games by a combined score of 99-34.

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