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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Chiefs might look at DT Sheldon Richardson with 1st pick

Reports that Kansas City is trying to pick up quarterback Alex Smith from the San Francisco 49ers means the mock draft board gets a bit of reshuffling, starting with the Chiefs' top pick.


With the Kansas City Chiefs zeroing in on acquiring Alex Smith from the San Francisco 49ers, Matthew Fairburn's latest mock draft at SB Nation has Kansas City picking defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson with the first pick.

Assuming the Chiefs snatch up Smith or some other quarterback, they will probably look towards Richardson, a Missouri Tigers product. At 6'4 and close to 300 pounds, Richardson is one of the more exciting athletes in the NFL draft this year, and would help shore up a defensive line that struggled at times this year. Via Fairburn:

It's tough to tell whether the Chiefs will bring back Brandon Albert, so the Chiefs address the defensive line with this pick. Sheldon Richardson's measurements were a bit disappointing, but he's a versatile, impact player with a big motor.

Most NFL draft projections have the Chiefs going with quarterback Geno Smith at No. 1. The Chiefs need quite a bit of help all over the place, but quarterback is the most important and glaring need this offseason. There are a lot of quarterbacks available, and Alex Smith would fit the Chiefs' needs nicely. Smith is due $8 million next year and will be playing second fiddle to Colin Kaepernick next season.

As Fairburn points out, Richardson is the real deal who did all of his work against some of the best offensive lines in the country all year.

Sheldon Richardson had an interesting season at the University of Missouri. The junior defensive tackle opened up the season with more bark than bite. He fired shots at Georgia, calling its brand of football "boring." While the Tigers weren't ready for the SEC, Richardson proved each and every game that he belonged in the nation's best conference playing against the best offensive linemen the country had to offer.

Granted, nothing is a certainity for the Chiefs at this point. If negotations with the 49ers fall through or prove to be too premature at this point, most likely everyone will put Geno Smith's name back at the top of the draft board.

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