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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Will Chiefs take Fisher over Joeckel?

It seems the Chiefs could be down to deciding between offensive tackles, and one writer believes they'll go with the one from Central Michigan.


With the first overall pick in the NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs are deciding between a few prospects. Two of them are largely believed to be offensive tackles Luke Joeckel, out of Texas A&M, and Central Michigan's Eric Fisher.

It feels as though the choice remains squarely up in the air, with many prognosticators flipping between Fisher and Joeckel. Sports Illustrated's Don Banks, in his latest mock on Wednesday, is one of those going with Fisher. Banks writes, however, that this decision could easily come down to draft night:

I've heard a lot of people opine about what the Chiefs should do at No. 1, or probably will do, but I haven't come across anyone who seems to know whether Kansas City resides definitively in either the Fisher camp or the Luke Joeckel camp. Maybe the plan is to toss a coin on draft night. But is it heads Fisher and tails Joeckel, or the other way around? I call for a second coin flip to determine the particulars of the first coin flip.

Joeckel and Fisher are ranked No. 1 and 2, respectively, in Matthew Fairburn's prospect ratings for SB Nation. Meanwhile, Joeckel is the draft's best overall prospect in Dan Kadar's top 200 prospect big board for SB Nation. Fisher sits at No. 4.

In his latest mock for SB Nation, Fairburn predicts the Chiefs will ultimately go with the Aggies' Joeckel, saying, "he still makes the most sense."

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