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A Year Makes A Big Difference For Royals Prospects Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas

I was reading through a review of the top 50 hitting prospects over at SB Nation's Minor League Ball.

I skimmed through all the names on John Sickels' writeup looking for Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas because they would most certainly be on that list.

But I didn't find them.

I realized that the list I was looking at was a review of the preseason rankings for his top 50 hitting prospects.

Here's what Sickels said when asked about Hosmer and Moustakas being left off the preseason rankings:

Moustakas was a Grade B and on the margins of the list. He wasn’t very good in 2009. Hosmer was terrible in ‘09 and while I still gave him a B-, he wasn’t considered for the top 50. Obviously that will change for 2011.

A year makes a big difference. Now those two guys are 1 and 1A when talking about the Royals hitting prospects.