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Trey Hillman's Name Resurfacing In Los Angeles

Remember him?

Trey Hillman was relieved of his duties as Kansas City Royals manager on May 13. We haven't heard much from him since then but Tony Jackson of ESPN Los Angeles reports that Hillman is a strong candidate for a bench coach job with the Dodgers.

Trey Hillman, who was fired on May 13 as manager of the Kansas City Royals, has emerged as a strong candidate to become the bench coach for incoming Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly, a source with knowledge of the situation confirmed Wednesday evening on the condition of anonymity.

Apparently Hillman was with a number of candidates when he attended an Arizona Fall League game with the Dodgers GM, owner and several other front office folks.

Going from the Royals to the Dodgers? You could do worse.