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New York Yankees Apparently Not Interested In Zack Greinke

On Tuesday Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports reported that a source close to Kansas City Royals pitcher Zack Greinke says he wouldn't mind playing for someone like the New York Yankees, despite previous concerns over Greinke's anxiety issues playing in a large market.

We suggested at the time that the best thing any agent can hear is: "The Yankees are interested." Clearly, Greinke's camp wanted to make sure everyone knew that the Yankees were involved, which would seemingly drive the price up on him.

On Wednesday, George A. King III of the New York Post reports the Yankees aren't buying the idea that Greinke would play in New York.

Despite a report yesterday in which a source said Zack Greinke was not against pitching for the Yankees if the Royals dealt him to The Bronx, the Yankees don't buy it. They believe the right-hander, the 2009 Cy Young winner who has dealt with social anxiety disorder, does not want to pitch under the burning lights of the Yankees' universe.
Maybe someone was caught fibbing? It makes sense that Greinke's side wants to get the Yankees involved -- it's just that this time it doesn't appear the Yankees want to be involved.