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Cliff Lee Signs With Philadelphia Phillies; Zack Greinke Trade Implications?

The Cliff Lee sweepstakes are over. The Philadelphia Phillies have reportedly signed the Cliff Lee which is surprising news because the Phillies weren't known serious contenders until Monday. The deal is reported to be five years and it gives the Phillies an incredible lineup.

No matter how it works out, next season's Phillies will sport a starting rotation of Lee, Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels, and someone else. It's a rotation that has the potential to be the best starting rotation in modern baseball history.

But for Kansas City Royals fans, we want to know what this means for Zack Greinke. There have been multiple reports that the Royals were waiting until Lee signed before they made a move. We'll see if this move makes the Royals act. Just last week one report said the New York Yankees would be involved if they lost out on Lee.

Royals officials also continue to believe that the Yankees will pursue Greinke strongly if New York loses out on Lee.

ESPN's Jerry Crasnick reported that GM Dayton Moore is "actively gauging" the trade market for Greinke. This may have some teams -- Texas Rangers? -- looking harder at Greinke.

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