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Zack Greinke Agent Switch Means What For The Kansas City Royals?

As SB Nation Kansas City's Matt Hays noted, Kansas City Royals pitcher Zack Greinke has changed agents from SFX to CAA. If you're wondering if this is a big deal the answer is: we don't know. Changing agents in itself can be done for a lot of reasons but unless you're planning on changing teams soon -- agents can help facilitate trades -- or getting a new contract -- Greinke has two years left -- there's no reason to switch agents. But Greinke is potentially getting traded and he will need a new deal soon. So, yes, this means something we're just not sure what.

What you can be sure of is that this particular agent isn't going to do work for free. The agent, like most players, wants to get paid. This does not bode well for Kansas City potentially signing Greinke to a long-term deal. Did we think that was possible? Maybe a minute chance but I think this makes the odds of that happening even lower.

Agents, as much as some members of the team's front office, make things happen in baseball. They can help facilitate trades and you've gotta wonder if that's what's going on here. Greinke expressed frustration earlier in the year about his situation. Was that a reflection on his agent unable to trade him? Did he want to get traded? Did he ask to be traded? We don't know the answer to any of those.

Players don't change agents and hope for the status quo. This was done for a specific reason -- was it money? Was it to get traded? We're still figuring that out but something is going to change and, if the Greinke trade rumors mean anything, something could be changing soon.