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Zack Greinke Traded to Milwaukee

It began with a rumor on twitter last evening and took off like a sandstorm from there but Baseball America's Jerry Crasnick has confirmed that Zack Greinke has been traded to the Milwaukee Brewers. The fact Zack was traded is not that much of a surprise however the trade being made with the Brewers is indeed a shock after seemingly every rumor out there involved the Texas Rangers, New York Yankees, or Washington Nationals among the most discussed.

It will be a good fit for Greinke because it is a city much like Kansas City where he should feel comfortable right away. The Brewers are definitely going all out this season before they end up having to trade Prince Fielder due to the very likelihood they will be unable to resign their star player (sound familiar to anyone?).

There is also good speculation on the return from Milwaukee which we certainly will discuss at great length here but we are waiting for official confirmation on the included players. Stayed tuned.