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Zack Greinke Trade: With Prince Fielder's Last Year, Brewers Pull Out All The Stops

The Milwaukee Brewers were a surprise team to pull out the Zack Greinke trade sweepstakes. We knew they were interested and heard about their interest throughout the rumor mill but nevertheless it's very surprising.

Now we look to 2011 where the Brewers and Kansas City Royals are going in opposite directions. The Royals have very low expectations as they've just traded their best player and they tend to be looking 2012 and beyond as years they'll be competitive.

The Brewers, on the other hand, are swinging for the fences in 2011. Prince Fielder's entering his last year and is expected to his free agency so they're shooting for '11.

As Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel just pointed out on Twitter, the one thing we do know is that Prince Fielder is not going to be traded. Fielder will be a free agent after the 2011 season and barring something out of the ordinary, he is fully expected to test the open market. This is likely the Brewers’ last chance to win with Fielder in the fold, so they are going for it.

The Royals aren't in that position and won't be for a few years (if they ever are). We knew the Greinke trade was coming but it's kind of disappointing now that there are very few reasons to go out and watch the Royals next next year.