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MLB Trade Rumors, Winter Meetings: Day One And Zack Greinke Is Still A Kansas City Royal

Day one of the MLB winter meetings has come and gone and despite all the MLB trade rumors, Zack Grienke is still a pitcher for the Kansas City Royals. The Royals and GM Dayton Moore were involved in some trade rumors on the first day. Some involved Greinke and some (more realistic ones) involved Jeff Francouer.

So one day down, here's what people are saying about the MLB winter meetings. Be sure to check out the reaction from fans over at Royals Review.

Day One At The Winter Meetings Ends Without Royals Trading Zack Greinke or Jeff Francoeur - Royals Review
The Royals haven't traded Zack Greinke. Yet. The Royals haven't signed Jeff Francoeur. Yet. A handful of moves were made or finalized today, but despite a flurry of lunchtime rumors surrounding Jeff Francoeur, nothing changed on the Royals front.

Trading Shaun Marcum could position Blue Jays for shot at Zack Greinke - Daily Pitch: MLB News, Standings, Schedules & More -
Maybe it would take Drabek and more young talent -- three top prospects was the price for Gonzalez today and Halladay last year -- but that all could make sense if the Blue Jays are convinced the real Greinke is the 2009 Cy Young Award winner rather than the 10-14, 4.17 ERA, wondering-out-loud-if-he-wants-to-leave version from 2010.

Royals, Rangers Tussling Over Zack Greinke Return - SB Nation Dallas-Ft. Worth
Everyone - including the Royals themselves - agrees that they are asking for a huge package to trade Greinke. Those comments are reminiscent of opposing GMs' comments in the summer of 2007, as Jon Daniels shopped Mark Teixeira. The requested package seems to target a similar return.

Royals say Rangers not offering enough for Greinke -
The Royals want two impact prospects, with one preferably being a pitcher, in return for Greinke, who is under contract through 2012 at $13.5 million a season. They also want another player or two capable of supporting roles on a major-league club. Texas has the necessary pieces to meet those demands – if it chooses. The Royals are believed to be interested in shortstop Jurickson Profar, outfielder Engel Beltre and one or more of the Rangers’ talented young pitchers.

Lobby talk: Zack Greinke, Paul Konerko - Dallas Texas Rangers Blog - ESPN Dallas
But Toronto sounds like they are interested and if the Yankees don't get Lee, they could be as well. Kansas City wants a certain package of players and they'll wait to see if they can get that (in other words, they'd like their own Mark Teixeira deal...who can blame them?). Apparently the Rangers are not on Greinke's no-trade list, but the Blue Jays are. He could, of course, waive that clause if a trade is in place with Toronto and he decides he wants out of Kansas City bad enough. The Rangers really like Profar, so I'm not sure if he would be included in a package. We'll see.