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MLB Winter Meetings: Zack Greinke Trade Rumors Continue With Royals 'Off The Charts' Asking Price

The trade rumors involving Kansas City Royals pitcher Zack Greinke continue on day two of the MLB winter meetings.

The rumors on day one centered mostly on the Toronto Blue Jays and their reported interest in Greinke. Reportedly the Royals do like Kyle Drabek and Travis Snider of the Blue Jays but Toronto has said that the Royals asking price is too high. ESPN's Buster Olney says rival executives are saying the Royals asking price is "off the charts". The Royals have acknowledged that, yes, their price is very high and they want a bounty in return for any Greinke trade. If no one is willing to take the bait, he'll remain a Royal, they say.

Day two rumors involve a trade within the division. Last week the Royals reportedly said they wouldn't trade Greinke within the division. This week's they say wouldn't trade him inside the division "in a perfect world" which of course is a different stance than before.

So why would they change their tune? Is someone within the division expressing interest? The way I see it, no deal is ever off the table. Why would the Royals eliminate the AL Central from running up the price on Greinke?

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