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Zack Greinke Trade Rumors Continue As Teams Are 'Upping Offers' At MLB Winter Meetings

There are a few teams believed to be interested in the services of pitcher Cliff Lee at the MLB winter meetings. The Kansas City Royals are not one of those teams but they're still connected to the Cliff Lee sweepstakes. While teams bid over him, the Royals will likely wait to see where the dust settles.

Once Lee is gone, Greinke becomes the top (potentially) available player. Logic says this is what the Royals are waiting on while they keep their asking price sky-high. If someone wants to pry him away before a Lee deal gets done, it'll cost them. Apparently that's something GM Dayton Moore would be willing to do if they got the right return.

According to Ed Price of FanHouse, it's working. Teams are reportedly "upping offers" for Greinke. We'll see if that means they're getting anywhere near what the Royals want in return.

So if the Royals are waiting on Lee, the next question becomes: When will Lee sign?

It seems that everyone has an opinion on Cliff Lee and when he might find out his next team. One report on Tuesday night said it was doubtful he would sign before the MLB winter meetings are over. That would likely mean we're not going to see much action this week, which I think most expected.

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