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Zack Greinke Trade Rumors: Royals Not Interested In Dealing With Nationals

The Kansas City Royals reportedly have an "off the charts" asking price on pitcher Zack Greinke right now but that hasn't stopped team after team to call them and inquire about their ace during MLB winter meetings this week. There are indications the Royals will wait on a Greinke decision until the Cliff Lee situation is figured out. Once Lee is off the market, Greinke becomes the most desirable (potentially) available pitcher.

As teams are "upping offers," word comes that the Nationals -- who called about Greinke this week -- are not a good trading partner for the Royals, according to Bill Ladson of

The Royals felt the Nationals were not a match in terms of the players they wanted. Kansas City is looking for starting pitching and a right-handed-hitting outfielder who could hit for power.

This jives with the reports that the Royals asking price is high. But it's not such a bad thing that they're asking so much right now. They have some time and could even roll the dice and keep him another year. The Royals' biggest advantage right now is that they're willing to go into 2011 with Greinke on their team so they won't be forced into dealing him.

The Nationals are in on Cliff Lee, too, but they've said it's not likely they acquire him.

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