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'If Trading Zack Greinke, Now Is The Time,' Teams Tell Royals GM

The Kansas City Royals are in the midst of a major organizational decision: Do we trade Zack Greinke? There are a million variables, everyone has their own idea and no one has any idea what the right answer is. Sure the Royals are struggling, but their farm system is expected to pick things up in the coming years. The Royals don't give out massive contracts and Greinke could command a big one. The Royals aren't sure if Greinke would even want to stay in Kansas City.

So, yeah, there are a lot of question marks and moving parts. But Royals GM Dayton Moore said on Tuesday that the number of Greinke trade offers isn't any different than previous years.

"The difference is it's more in the public, and a lot of people in the industry believe if we're going to trade Zack Greinke that now is the time, because history has shown that if you wait another year and he's got one year left [on his contract], you don't get as much, or whatever," Moore said. "But you may get more at the Deadline, I don't know."

That's interesting -- a lot of industry people believe now is the time. Are those the same teams that are asking you to trade Greinke to them? I imagine that's the case.

As we've said before, it's all a risk when it comes to trading Greinke. Doing it now may be the best; but what if he blows up at the start of next season and his value actually increases? What about teams that get desperate the Trade Deadline? Lots of unanswered questions on the Greinke market.