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Zack Greinke Trade Rumors: Five Teams 'Seriously' Pursuing Royals Pitcher

The Kansas City Royals have not yet determined whether they'll trade pitcher Zack Greinke but they're listening to offers -- a lot of them. According to Ken Rosenthal of, the Royals have five teams "seriously" pursuing Greinke while three more have some level of interest.

This comes as little surprise considering we've heard from team after team that has, at the very least, some interest in the Royals pitcher, who is a free agent after the 2012 season.

Rosenthal reports that the Royals are looking hard at each player involved in any potential deal and that they're in no rush to get anything done. Of course, the longer they wait the more risk they're taking. Greinke could suffer an injury or a bad season which would lower his value.

Some reports have said Greinke would approve a trade to anyone, even those on his no-trade list.

According to one source, Greinke has told the Royals he is willing to go to any club. Some rival executives, however, express doubt that Greinke is indeed open-minded. The Blue Jays are among the clubs on his no-trade list.

Rosenthal reports that the Rangers seem to be high on the list at this point.

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