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Zack Greinke Trade Rumors Now Include Florida Marlins

The Kansas City Royals are currently fielding calls from various teams at the MLB Winter Meetings that are interested in pitcher Zack Greinke. The Royals asking price is said to be very high which has likely scared a few teams off.

Ken Rosenthal of reports the latest team to try to work a Greinke trade -- Florida Marlins.

The deal never was close, and the possibility of the discussions reviving is only "lukewarm," the source said.

But the Marlins, who have a history of pursuing blockbusters, envisioned pairing Greinke with right-hander Josh Johnson at the top of their rotation.

Interesting. There was a thought, according to Rosenthal, that there was another team involved. The Rangers, who have been linked to the Marlins in trade talks, denied they were the team, according to the report.

Another day and another team is interested in Greinke.

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