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Praise for Dayton Moore

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In what seems like the most unlikely of scenarios, at least one member of the national media is praising Royals General Manager Dayton Moore for the signing of Jeff Francis, Dave Cameron of Fangraphs writes-  

And the winner of the award for Best Free Agent Signing Of The Winter goes to… Dayton Moore? Wait, seriously? Who counted these votes?

It seems as though Dayton finally found a deal that generally most people are pleased with. The Royals certainly needed another starter for the rotation, and not only did they find one they also seemingly didn't have to overpay to retain his services. I believe the arm issues that Francis suffered through during 2009 really put a lot of teams into the mind set that he was damaged goods, however the speed on his fastball last season was a personal best in the last five years. His fastball isn't even his known pitch, as he obtains outs with his change-up which is part of the reason he has such a high ground ball rate.