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Zack Greinke On Gil Meche's Retirement

Gil Meche announced on Tuesday he was retiring from the Kansas City Royals and Major League Baseball. The news came as a surprise because Meche still had one year left on his deal that, if he wanted, he could collect. Instead, he decided to retire and leave the money on the table.

Meche was brought into Kansas City in 2007 to help stabilize the Royals rotation and one of the guys he was expected to help was Zack Greinke, now with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Here's what Greinke said about Meche, via Sam Mellinger's blog on the KC Star:

"Gil definitely helped me a lot. It wasn't so much talking about baseball as it was watching him go about his business. On game day, nobody was as focused as Gil. He took the ball and never wanted to come out of games. Other guys would see that (competitive fire). I tried to be like that. That was my goal."

Kind words from his former teammate. Check out more of what Greinke had to say at the KC Star.