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Deal Details Are Great For Royals

The Kansas City Royals have now committed to Billy Butler, and Butler will undoubtedly be committed to being the new face of the Kansas City Royals over the next few years. Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star tweeted the details of Butler's new contract which will pay him $3 million this season, $8 million over the next three seasons and ending with a club option of $12.5 million in 2015, a season in which he will be still just 29 years old. There is also a $2 million signing bonus included.

The contract really works out well for Kansas City as they are locking up Butler during his prime years as a ball player. With Butler's high .OPS and all the offense the minor league system contains, Butler will have the opportunity to put up some fantastic numbers during this contract. In 2010 the Royals first basemen put up a WAR of 3.5 and was valued as a $15.8 million player according to Fangraphs, and keep in mind those numbers should continue to rise.

So as you can see the Royals seemingly came out great in this deal, locking up a rising star player who will be looked to lead the wave of young talent on the way. The price made sense for the Royals financially too.  Last month I took a look at Billy Butler having to become the leader of the new look Royals and this certainly cements this happening for the foreseeable future.