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Kansas City Royals' Alex Gordon Predicts A Good Season

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Kansas City Royals' Alex Gordon predicts....a good season. Yeah, that's not really notable by itself but when you think back to last year it is. Because prior to last season, Gordon predicted he would "dominate" in 2010. 

Obviously, that didn't happen.

"First of all, what did you want me to say, I was going to do OK?" Gordon said. "Maybe dominate wasn't the right word ... I think I'm going to play a lot better than I have the last couple years."

Gordon will need to. Terez Paylor of the KC Star's Gordon story notes that a recent autograph session in Omaha wasn't as Gordon-crazy as it has been in the past.

"The last couple of years have been disappointing, to say the least. The injuries, getting sent down, the position change ... you've just got to stay positive and look ahead instead of looking to the past. I know, in my mind, that it's going to be a good year."

I hope so, too. Gordon's nearing the end of the line with some fans who are waiting (...and waiting) for him to break out. That said, in terms of predictions, "good" is probably a better word to use than "dominate". Why set the bar so high?